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Children’s Learn To Swim

Kids swimming lessons that are safe, effective and fun!

Cindy’s Swim School offers children’s swimming lessons after school and at weekends to teach your child to swim and help them improve. We also offer holiday crash courses, which are hugely popular! For for more information, go to our swimming courses page!

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4:1 Group

All South London Locations

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What we teach

The focus of children’s swimming lessons is to strengthen the basics of your child’s swimming ability, progressing them at their own pace. We work on developing their confidence in the water, as well as core muscles, before moving on to more advanced stroke techniques.

We have added to the Swim England “stages” and our teachers follow structured lesson plans. As a reward for their hard work, students receive certificates and badges for moving onto the next stage and when they can swim certain distances.

Once their technique is up to standard, they can move onto our Children’s Squad lessons.


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Cindy's Swim School Children's Swimming Lessons
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What you need to know

30 minute lesson

4:1 child to teacher ratio

perfect for beginners

£24 per class

All lessons booked & paid for per term

You’ll need to bring

Swimming goggles – which we sell – just ask the office!

Swimming cap – children will be given a CSS cap when you join our Children’s Learn To Swim programme


 how we teach children to swim

Take a look at the diary of Kaia as she learns to swim from Stage 1 to 4

Superman, blowing bubbles

Stage 1 Swimming Journey

Learning to swim 5 metres distance,  watch the  videos and images showing what children learn in stage 1.

Swimming Journey Stage 2 - swim teacher supporting child in back stroke

Stage 2 Swimming Journey

Working towards swimming 10 metres distance,  see videos and images explaining what is taught in stage 2.

Swimming Journey Stage 3 - Cindy helping Kaia in backstroke with float

Stage 3 Swimming Journey

Aiming towards 15 metre distance and progressing front and back strokes, see Stage 3 exercises here.

Swimming Journey Stage 4 - Stage 4 pupil practising swim technique with float

Stage 4 Swimming Journey

Children learn to develop technique in all four strokes and learn to dive in!

My little boy really enjoys the swimming

“My little boy really enjoys the swimming classes with Betty . She is amazing! He learn and have fun at the same time , he is very happy to came here and work with Betty. She is friendly, kind, sympathetic, and funny. And last but not least In just few months Freddie made so much progress ! Happy to continue to join her lessons.” – Simona Menniti

Huge improvements to his swimming

“Our son has been going for over 2 years now and is very happy and has made huge improvements to his swimming. Harriet is our current teacher and she’s great with children and always smiling.” – Richard Lim

Our boy made great progress

“Our boy made great progress with Harriet and is always looking forward to coming to his class. He gets close attention and consistent feedback, and a lot of patience (he does need a lot of reminding). As a result he went from hating to go to classes (at another provider) and is now happy to dive under the water.” – Mathieu Veillette

What to expect


Kids learn in small groups

Children go into the water by themselves (i.e. without parents from approximately 2 years old). They of course will be under the watchful eye of our experienced teachers.


Safe and firm teaching

Whilst our classes are enjoyable, we find children benefit from a firm no-nonsense approach to uphold safety in the pool and the focus is on learning.


Kids learn by doing

To be effective at teaching, we demonstrate movement physically and help our pupils perfect those movements in the pool. This may involve the teacher supporting your child in a hands-on way.


child protection

All of our staff are DBS checked for child protection purposes.

childrens swimming lessons

What to bring


Caps for every stage

A free silicon cap is provided.  The colour of this will change as your child passes each stage.


Swimming goggles

Children will also need to wear goggles in all kids swimming lessons. These are available to buy at the pools to make it easy for you to get hold of them.


Swimming costume / shorts and towel

And don’t forget the basics: a swim suit or swim shorts, towel and bag to hold wet stuff on way home!

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