Class prices

Class prices

We have an ethos that swimming is for everyone.

Therefore we keep our prices as low as we sustainably can to ensure they are affordable.  We regularly benchmark our prices against our competitors to ensure we price competitively.

In order to price fairly (and to cover our costs), please note that the cost of a class is based on the staff to pupil ratio.  At Cindy's Swim School we believe it is important to keep those class sizes relatively small in order to give personal tuition, ensure progression and maintain the highest levels of safety.

Please refer to the table below for our prices.


Age  Level:

Beginners (B) Intermediate (I) Triathalon / Squad (T/S)

Class duration Class size Per class Per term Name of pool
0 - 2 years B 30 mins 4 to 1 £20.00 £260.00 Earlsfield & Eardley
2 - 4 years B 30 mins 2 to 1 £27.00 £351.00 Trinity & Earlsfield
3.5 - 12 B + I 30 mins 4 to 1 £20.00 £260.00 Trinty, Earlsfield, Livity, Harris
  B + I 45 mins 5 to 1 £20.00 £260.00 St Jo's & Eardley
5 - 12 years B + I + T/S 45 mins 8 to 1 £16.00 £208.00 Harris & St Jo's
5 - 12 years B + I + T/S 1 hour 8 to 1 £20.00 £260.00 Harris & St Jo's
Teens B + I + T/S 1 hour 6 to 1 £15.00 £195.00 Harris & St Jo's
Adults B + I + T/S 1 hour 6 to 1 £15.00 £195.00 Harris & St Jo's

Some points to note about payments to us

Please note that lessons are booked for 13 week blocks on a recurring subscription basis following the terms dates on the homepage of this website.

We need to receive payment before you start each 13 week block.  If you decide to start part way through the term prices will be pro-rataed from the start date (and then fall into the 13 week payment system).

To cancel your recurring subscription you need to give four weeks' term-time-notice (school holiday weeks don't count towards the notice period).

You'l understand all lessons are organised with the teacher and pool well in advance so we are unable to give refunds for non-attendance or cancellation.