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Stage 1 Swimming Journey

From 3 years – 5 metre distance

With a love for water and a good foundation in place, Kaia is ready to grow in her water confidence and the basic skills needed to build her swimming ability.

Practice proper position for kicking

Back float, push SB to wall, monkey walk, then pick up sinker

Vertical submersion

Pick up sinkers, then front SB to wall

Push off the wall, rhythmical breathing and kicking, then grabbing the wall

Front Speedboat with rhythmical breathing

Sitting dive into the pool, into back star fish

Dive to the floor to pick up sinkers

Jump into the pool into a back float

Superman, with face in

Cheesy sandwich, with roll over and grab the wall

Perfecting Jump into the water and float on back for 5

Speedboat dive to floor to retrieve sinker

Multitasking cheesy sandwich and kicking is tough!

Getting better at kicking our legs and doing back pillow

Introducing ‘Backstroke-Kick, Kick, Kick, Pull’. Ability to kick – gone!

Needs more practice ‘Backstroke-Kick, Kick, Kick, Pull’

Introducing ‘Front Pillow’ into ‘ Back Pillow’, such a tricky exercise!

 Introducing waving under the water

Picking up sinker on the bottom step, then progressing it to the floor

Cheesy sandwich, two at a time

Push off step into glide, then Back pillow into front pillow with rhythmical breathing, then grab wall safely

Sinker off the floor, easy peasy!

 Jump in and float on back for 5 counts – getting better!

Sitting dive into front Speedboat, then roll on back to breath in float for 5 count

‘Backstroke-Kick, Kick, Kick, Pull’ with board, roll and grab the wall in between

Floating on our front for 5, then back for 5, then front for 5

Kicking on our backs, no board

Practicing a good arrow for Front Speedboat

Safety jump into the pool, turn around and grab the wall

Practicing pushing front Speedboat off step

Sitting dive into front Speedboat, then roll on back to breath in float for 5 count

Diving for sinkers, then front Speedboat to step

Still working on our confidence with Front Speedboat

Getting better at jumping in and doing a safety float!

Getting better at waving under the water with two swimmers

Working on blowing our bubbles when we go under the water

Practicing Front float blowing bubbles for 5, with no moving

Focussing on kicking on back rhythm, with board on knees

Introducing ‘Dolphin wiggles’

Sibling Fun

Sibling Fun

Sibling Fun Kaia & Tau come together in the pool Both children have gained so much confidence. Their swimming journeys come together in this fun, but structured, pool session showcasing the progess they are making. Front crawl flipping to back crawlMonkey see...

Baby 2 – Tau’s swimming journey autumn update

Baby 2 – Tau’s swimming journey autumn update

Baby Tau's Swimming Journey Autumn 2022 update - 18 months to 2 years Tau has gained confidence over the summer. He is jumping in, turning around and grabbing the wall; pushing off the wall; holding the board and kicking very well. Well done!Adult push baby to wall...

Kaia – Stage 4 autumn update

Kaia – Stage 4 autumn update

Stage 4 Swimming Journey Kaia making wonderful progress in this autumn 2022 update Kaia is now learning all strokes with a proper push & glide as well as learning how to roll from her back to her front and visa versa in one continuous movementBack pillow with...

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