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Learn to swim lessons

Lessons with Cindy’s Swim School offer perfect way to teach your child to swim and help them improve.

What are classes like?

These after school and weekend group lessons are kept small, in either 4:1 or 5:1 ratios, and are structured to give each child the attention they need. Our lessons and teaching techniques are designed to strengthen basic foundations. Children are taken at their own pace so as to develop and strengthen core muscles and confidence in water before moving onto more advanced stroke techniques.

To keep children motivated and rewarded for their hard work, they receive a distance/stage certificate and badge upon passing each distance or stage. They also receive a Cindy’s Swim School silicon swim cap upon joining.  We request that the children have goggles. We sell the ones we recommend most.

As the focus shifts onto stroke technique, the smaller pools are actually a greater benefit to the children, as they have the freedom to focus on improving their stroke without being unnecessarily exhausted by the length of a main pool. Once their technique is up to standard, they are then ready for the next part of their development, which is endurance, length, and speed. Swimming lessons are our smaller pools are 30 minutes long. Learn to swim lessons also take place at our bigger pools, in either 30 or 45 minute lessons.