Children’s learn to swim classes

Cindy’s Swim School offer the perfect way to teach your child to swim and help them improve.

Course content

Learn to swim classes take place after school and at the weekends. The focus is to strengthen the basics of your child’s swimming ability, progressing them at their own pace.  We work on developing their confidence in the water, as well as core muscles, before moving onto more advanced stroke techniques.

We have added to the Swim England “stages” and our teachers follow structured lesson plans.  As a reward for their hard work, students receive certificates and badges for moving onto the next stage and when they can swim certain distances.

Once their technique is up to standard, they can move onto our Children’s Squad lessons.

Other points to note

Children go into the water by themselves (ie without parents from approximately 2 years old).  Of course under the watchful eye of our teachers.

Whilst our classes are meant to be enjoyable, we find children benefit from a firm no-nonsense approach to uphold safety in the pool and the focus is on learning.

It’s also worth mentioning to be effective at teaching, we demonstrate movement and physically to help our pupils perfect those movements in the pool.  This may involve the teacher supporting your child in a hands on way.  All of our staff are DBS checked for child protection purposes.

What to bring:

A free silicon cap is provided.  The colour of this will change as your child passes each stage.  Children will also need to wear goggles.  These are available at the pools to make it easy for you to get hold of them, for £10 a pair (for 0 to 6 year olds) and £15 a pair (suitable for age 6+).

children learning to swim



30 mins

Which pools?

Van Gogh Primary School

Earlsfield Rd - Earlsfield

Livity Primary - Streatham Hill

St Joseph's College - Streatham

Trinity Crescent - Balham/Tooting Bec

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