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Toddler swimming with noodle

Teach your toddler to swim

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Toddler swimming lessons

Teach your toddler water confidence and safety whilst having fun!

What are toddler classes like?

These lessons are private, 1:1 or 2:1 in size. These smaller classes give little people the attention they need, while maintaining a safe environment. Toddlers go into the water by themselves (without parents form approximately 2 years old).

As a rule, arm bands or similar flotation devices are not used in our lessons, as they can easily create a false sense of water ability, which little people cannot comprehend. We prefer to use woggles/noodles and boards, which provide flotation aid only when they are used. Our teachers have mastered the balance of discipline and fun in a lesson.

Swimming lessons are 30 minutes long. A silicon cap is provided for the little ones our teachers are always happy to help. We request that the children have goggles. We sell the ones we recommend most. If children are not, or are in the process of being potty trained, a water nappy and swim nappy shorts over the top are required for each lesson.