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At Cindy’s Swim School, we seriously love swimming and water! We also have a great respect and love for those who take seriously the responsibility of keeping our waterways and seas clean and healthy.

Plastic pollution and Cindy’s Swim School

The scary reality that the world is facing with regard to plastic pollution is already widely known by most. But effective, actionable solutions are still too far behind in making a dent in the ever-rising flow of plastics entering our precious oceans.

At Cindy’s, all the charities that we support are ocean focussed; we truly believe that every person can make a difference, so we want to support those who are leading the charge, as well as encourage others to be part of the change, in whichever capacity they are able.

How we are reducing plastic from our swim school

Behind the scenes we work hard at eradicating plastic from the swim school, and whilst some things are easier to replace than others, we have made great grounds in other areas.

Just recently introduced our new reusable nappies to all our baby lesson venues and their swimmers. We also only use biodegradable wet wipes, non-plastic cleaning equipment where possible, and environmentally-friendly cleaning products where possible, and we are always pushing to increase the list.

New eco-friendly temporary tattoos!

Wednesday 3rd July is International Plastic Bag Free Day and to show our commitment to our planet, we are adding another big change to our plastic reduction list: we will be replacing the stickers we hand out to our swimmers with more environmentally friendly temporary tattoos. Watch this space, as it’s coming soon!

Go check out our charities page to see who we donate to whenever we receive a complimentary review.

We’d also recommend you have a look at the Plastic Free July Campaign here.

If you would like to check out what others are doing to combat plastic pollution visit:

Simply tag us on social media when you review or recommend us, and we will get in contact to find out which charity you’d like us to donate to.

Thank you!

Cindy xx

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