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Baby Lessons

Start your baby’s swimming journey with Cindy’s Swim School and help teach them a core life skill, so they grow up confident, safe and happy around water!


What are baby lessons like?

Classes go up to 4 babies with their adults. Lessons are kept exciting with songs, which enable the babies to learn within a fun and stimulating environment. As babies grow so much and so quickly, our swimming program has been developed to aid in each baby growing journey, using each developmental stage as part of the lesson structure.

  • Lessons are also structured so as to gradually teach babies to become more independent in the water
  • To be ready to take the step into toddler lessons without their parents in the pool
  • Our different classes are broken into 3 different stages to most closely follow the developmental stage of each child

We have 3 different class option your baby can go into:

Baby 1, which is for approximately 2-10 months old,

Baby 2, which is from 10-18 months old, and

Baby 3, which is from 18-24 months old.

It is after completing this class that your baby should be ready to go into private toddler lessons.


Water safety

Water safety is a big priority in all our lessons at Cindy’s Swim School, including baby lessons. We teach safety exercises such as back floats, climbing onto the mat etc, progressing the exercises to suit each baby’s development.

We also introduce under water activity from day one, with guidance from the teachers. Our philosophy at Cindy’s Swim School is to nurture a well rounded ability in each baby, so although we do do underwater work, it is but a part of the lessons, as there is so many other fun and exciting things to learn! 

We understand that babies can quickly pick up bugs, so if your little one is too sick to attend a scheduled lesson we do provide a catch up lesson. Please read our T&C’s for more information regarding catch up lessons.

If babies are not, or are in the process of being potty trained, a water nappy and swim nappy shorts over the top are required for each lesson. A silicon cap is provided for the little ones when they are ready to move up from baby lessons into toddler lessons, if they choose to wear it is another story! 

Please do give us a call if you have any questions or wish to discuss anything!