Baby Lessons

Start your baby’s swimming journey with Cindy’s Swim School and help teach them a core life skill, so they grow up confident, safe and happy around water!

Class content

The focus is to teach your child to gradually become more independent in the water in a fun and stimulating environment, making sure being in the water is a pleasant experience from day 1.  Teaching water safety is the key priority.  We teach your baby how to float on their back and get out of the pool assisted by floats and floating mats.  We often play music in the background or play songs and the classes are an opportunity for your baby to interact with other babies.  They are also a good opportunity for you to meet other parents / guardians while spending time with your baby.

Babies grow so quickly don’t they!  Our course content has been developed to make sure it compliments each stage in your child’s development and divides into:

Baby 1, which is for approximately 2-10 months old

Baby 2, which is from 10-18 months old, and

Baby 3, which is from 18-24 months old

Other points to note

A parent or guardian must accompany their child in the pool for every lesson.

It’s also worth mentioning to be effective at teaching, we demonstrate movement and physically help our pupil perfect those movements in the pool.  This may involve the teacher supporting your baby in a considerately hands on way.  All of our staff are DBS checked for child protection to ensure your child’s safety,

We understand that sometimes the schedule of little ones can be affected if they pick up a bug or just have a bad day, so we provide for two catch up lessons per term in case you miss a class (please read our Ts and Cs for more details).

What to bring - baby lessons

No one really teaches you how to have a baby do they!

For those of you who haven’t been swimming with a baby before, don’t worry we will talk you through it.

A water nappy and swim nappy shorts over the top are required for each lesson.

A free silicon cap is provided for your child just before they are ready to move up to toddler lessons.  And at that point we ask you to buy them some goggles (we sell them for £10 if that is easiest for you). If they choose to wear them is another story, but by the end of the course we will begin to get them used to the idea.

Class duration

30 minutes

Which pools?


Van Gogh Primary School

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