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Baby Tau’s Swimming Journey

Months 10 to 18

Watch Tau, Cindy & Mark’s son, develop his water confidence and swimming skills during the Baby 2 stage of Cindy’s Swim School.

Baby swim kick to toy and bring back

Row row your boat on the big float and underwater to teacher

Monkey monkey along the pool edge to reach the floor

Baby swim reach for toy underwater

Baby submerge and swim to mummy

Baby swimming push to wall and hold

Jump into water and turn to hold side

Jump from side under water and turn to hold poolside

Monkey along side and reach for float

Independent push to and off the wall

Balance the rubber ducky

Grab the rubber ducky

Jumping in after toy and turning to to hold the side

Kick kick with float and noodle

Reaping the rewards of swimming

Reaping the rewards of swimming

Reaping the rewards of swimming The sea, the holiday pool, and even wild water Kaia and Tau are progressing beautifully through the stages and their learning is being rewarded as they confidently enjoy swimming in differently places.Holiday water park swimming and...

Kaia – Stage 4

Kaia – Stage 4

Stage 4 Swimming Journey Progressing from 20m to 25m Metre distance Kaia is now developing all four strokes, working on her breathing side to side, learning to dive in, and is getting confident with her push and glides.Front crawl with roll float practising breathing...

Baby 1 – Tau’s Swimming Journey

Baby 1 – Tau’s Swimming Journey

Baby Tau's Swimming Journey Months 2 to 10 Meet Tau, Cindy & Mark's son, and watch his progress from first days in the pool through to grabbing the noodle and float for himself! Submerged push to teacherThe wheels on the bus, practicing our kickingPouring water...