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Baby 2 Swimming Journey

Months 10 to 18

Watch Kaia, Cindy & Mark’s daughter, develop her water confidence and swimming skills during the Baby 2 stage of Cindy’s Swim School.

Pushing off wall on noodle, catch toy and bring back

Push to wall and hold wall

Safety jump into the pool

Push baby to wall and hold

Spalsh splash splash

Row row, push off, swim to wall

Catching toys and returning them to wall

Push off wall, catching toys and returning them to wall

Whooshing, submersion into back float – Kaia not loving it!

Monkey walk, pick up sinkers, Speedboat to mommy

Push off wall, catching toys, returning back to wall

Catch toys, whilst holding noodle

Safety jump with Daddy

Push off wall on noodle, to catch toys

Getting better!

Pushing off wall to Daddy

Pushing to wall and grabbing

Speedboat to wall and grabbing

Speedboat from mat to wall and grabbing

Speedboat from wall to mat

Loving Row, Row, Row!

Speedboat off mat to the wall

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom to the wall

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom back

Daddy kissing toes!

Humpty Dumpty

Back float 5 counts

Whooshing into submersion into back float

Float for 5 counts

Back kicking on noodle, push off the wall

Kicking on back, cheesy sandwich exercise

Kaia licking the wall whilst doing monkey walking

Submerge to sinker, then Speedboat to Daddy

Monkey walk to sinker

Speedboat with sinker

Speedboat to step, climb out the pool

Kaia riding on her Daddy

Safety jump

Push off wall, kick, push off wall, kick!

whooshes into back floats

Vertical submersion into back float, count to 5

Monkey walk

Pick up sinker, Speedboat all the way!

Sibling Fun

Sibling Fun

Sibling Fun Kaia & Tau come together in the pool Both children have gained so much confidence. Their swimming journeys come together in this fun, but structured, pool session showcasing the progess they are making. Front crawl flipping to back crawlMonkey see...

Baby 2 – Tau’s swimming journey autumn update

Baby 2 – Tau’s swimming journey autumn update

Baby Tau's Swimming Journey Autumn 2022 update - 18 months to 2 years Tau has gained confidence over the summer. He is jumping in, turning around and grabbing the wall; pushing off the wall; holding the board and kicking very well. Well done!Adult push baby to wall...

Kaia – Stage 4 autumn update

Kaia – Stage 4 autumn update

Stage 4 Swimming Journey Kaia making wonderful progress in this autumn 2022 update Kaia is now learning all strokes with a proper push & glide as well as learning how to roll from her back to her front and visa versa in one continuous movementBack pillow with...

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