We are on the lookout for new pool space

In London, the UK, or overseas

Roughly 10,000 people have been swimming with Cindy’s Swim School since our story began a decade ago.  We are a professional well established business, accredited by Swim England, with structured class plans and evolved business processes to support our customer’s experience.  We currently operate at 4 pools in South West London.

Either by:

  • Hiring / leasing pool space
  • Considering venues / spaces where there isn’t a pool currently but we could look at an investment plan to put one in, either ourselves or working in partnership
  • Considering properties we could purchase – either space with an existing pool or that we could develop

We would consider all sizes of pool to lease, from 3m by 3m upwards.

For properties where we would need to build a pool, we’d likely be looking for a space which could hold a minimum of 10m by 3m pool and changing facilities.

If it was helpful to our pool venue partners, we could as part of the arrangement take on some or all of the pool maintenance, cleaning and work with you investing in refurbishment.

We already work with both private and public partners, ranging from private home owners (where we support getting the necessary council partial change of use permissions for the arrangement) to established large public schools.  From the venue’s perspective it can be a good way to:

  • Make some money from your pool
  • Alleviate maintenance yourself
  • Steer investment into developing your property
  • Benefit the local community

If you are interested in finding out more please call 07453715085 or email management@cindysswimschool.co.uk and we will arrange for a director to call you back.