Annual Gala

Annual swimming gala

Cindy’s Swim School holds a Swimming Gala every year. This gives the whole of our swimming school the chance to get together and put what they have learned to the test.  All ages are welcome, and we break the gala up into 2 separate sessions to accommodate the younger swimmers.  

Our pupils find that working towards the event is a great way to motivate themselves towards their personal goals, whether that is to get fit or get a taste of competitive swimming.  The emphasis is very much on everyone enjoying themselves within a friendly environment.

Last year’s gala was our best yet, with Pirate JoJo entertaining the younger children with all sorts of fun goodies and tricks! All participants receive a participation medal and a gift bag, whilst those that came 1st, 2nd, 3rd received proper metal gold, silver or bronze place medals.

The date for the 2018 gala is December 1st!  Look forwards to seeing you there.  Meanwhile below are some photographs from previous events so you can get a flavour for what it is like.




Gala Stages 1-4

Gala Stages 5 upwards