Frequently asked questions:

Below are some questions that we get asked quite a bit.  Hope these help. But please call the office on 020 8004 6545 if there is anything you need clarifying.

New customers:

1. How much are your lessons?

  • It depends what lesson you are booking.  Whether it is private or a group lesson.  And whether you are booking term time lessons or holiday lessons.
  • Please refer to our prices table for up to date pricing.
  • You need to pay for a block of lessons at once however on average individual lessons cost: 2:1 lessons are £32 per lesson, 4:1 lessons are £20, 45 min lessons are £16, 60 min squad lessons are £20.
  • Our lesson prices are competitive to other swim schools however please remember when comparing them our prices are reflective of our smaller class sizes which we maintain to support pupil’s confidence and progress.

2. How do the bookings work? I.e per term or blocks of lessons.

  • For weekly lessons during term time, bookings work on a termly basis with a break for half term. If you start partway through the term, we only invoice you for the remainder of the term.
  • For holiday courses or one off day courses please refer to the specific course details for booking details.

3. How long is each session?

  • Depending on the pool you swim at, lessons can range from 30 min-60 min.

4. Do parents have to get into the pool for the toddler 2:1 lessons?

  • No, parents are not required to get into the pool for the toddler lessons, just the baby lessons.

5. Can parents / guardians watch lessons

  • Yes absolutely.  Each of our pools is different.  All of them have the facility for parents to watch from the poolside.

6. Do you offer any sibling discounts?

  • Sibling discounts are offered if you have 3 or more kiddies swimming with us.

7. Do you have any weekend baby lessons?

  • Yes at our Van Gogh pool.

8. What is needed for the lessons? I.e do they need a kit.

  • All swimming equipment, boards and noodles are provided at the pools, apart from at the St Joseph’s college pool where a kit is required. Students must come with their own swim costumes and googles. Babies need swim nappies plus a swim nappy over short to chatch any leaks 🙂

Current clients:

1. How long should a child stay in a stage?

  • We assess each child every term. Each child will first receive their distance badge, then their stage badge. 2-3 terms is the average amount of time in a stage, unless otherwise stated.

2. When do assessments take place?

  • Assessments take place 2 weeks after every half term.