Frequently asked questions:

Below are some questions that we get asked quite a bit.  Hope these help. But please call the office on 020 8004 6545 if there is anything you need clarifying.

New customers:

1. How much are your lessons?

  • 2:1 lessons are £27 per lesson, 4:1 lessons are £20, 45 min lessons are £16, 60 min squad lessons are £20

2. How does the bookings work? I.e per term or blocks of lessons.

  • Bookings work on a termly basis. If you start partway through the term, we only invoice you for the remainder of the term.

3. How long is each session?

  • Depending on the pool you swim at, lessons can range from 30 min-60 min

4. Do parents have to get into the pool for the toddler 2:1 lessons?

  • No, parents are not required to get into the pool for the toddler lessons.

5. Do you offer any sibling discounts?

  • Sibling discounts are offered if you have more than 3 kiddies swimming with us.

6. Do you have any weekend baby lessons?

  • We don’t offer any weekend baby lessons at the moment.

7. What all is needed for the lessons? I.e do they need a kit, special swim nappies etc

  • All swimming equipment is provided for at the Trinity and Earlsfield pool, each child needs their own swim kit at the St Joseph’s college and Harris Academy pool

Current clients:

1. How long should a child stay in a stage?

  • We assess each child every term. Each child will first receive their distance badge, then their stage badge. 2-3 terms is the average amount of time in a stage, unless otherwise stated.

2. When do assessments take place?

  • Assessments take place 2 weeks after every half term.