Learn to swim

Here at Cindy’s Swim School we offer adults the chance to learn to swim, and we believe that there is no time like the present for you to take the jump.

Adult teaching pool

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Adult Beginner and Intermediate Lessons

It has been proven that one in five adults in the UK can’t swim but it is never too late to learn. Our friendly and welcoming selection of classes are geared to various ability ranges, providing a supportive and encouraging environment for you to learn.

What can I expect?

You’ll be taught in a private lesson with a highly experienced teacher. Our lessons and teaching techniques are designed to strengthen basic foundations. Adults are taken at their own pace so as to develop and strengthen core muscles and confidence in water before moving onto more advanced stroke techniques. As the focus shifts onto stroke technique, care is taken not to add too much distance to training, so that focus remains on the strokes without being unnecessarily exhausted by the length of a main pool. Once technique is up to standard, endurance, length and speed make up the next part of development.

Please do contact us to arrange a private swimming tutorial that suits you.

What techniques will I learn?

Here we provide you with some of the steps involved in the adult swimming sessions which Cindy’s Swim School offers:

  • Building the confidence to submerge yourself under the surface
  • Floating and treading water
  • Proper underwater breathing techniques
  • Basic stroke techniques
  • Advanced stroke techniques
  • Starts, turns and finishes

Care is given to people that have had unfortunate experiences with water. Please tell us if you have had negative experience or a particular concern.