Crash Courses

Crash Courses at Trinity Pool

All Year Round Half-Term and Holiday Crash Courses

We offer crash courses throughout the year, nearly every half term and holiday at various pools.

Crash courses are a great way to ensure the safety of your children around water, introduce beginners to swimming, help cautious swimmers feel more at home in the water, or to overcome any difficulties they may be having with their stroke.

Teachers may vary from crash course to crash course, but they are all very experienced and amazing with fun! We confirm the teacher before any given crash course starts.


Timetable Guide

Private Lessons (1:1, 2:1 or 3:1) are available upon request (all children need to be supplied by the client in a private lesson)

Time Class Class Size
9:00 Stage 0-1 (3yrs and under) Group
9:30 Stage 0-1 Group
10:00 Stage 1-2 Group
10:30 Stage 2-3 Group
11:00 Stage 3-4 Group
11:30 onwards Private Classes


Time Class Class Size
12:00 Stage 0-1 Group
12:30 Stage 1-2 Group
13:30 Stage 2-3 Group
13:30 Stage 3-4 Group
14:00 onwards Private Classes



Please note this timetable is only a guide, if you would like a different ratio to that stated at any given time please make a request to Cindy. Private lessons are available on request.